Welcome to DIVA

DIVA is an ANR project whose objective is to determine the agricultural value of digestate from anaerobic digestion of organic waste and to evaluate several post-treatment processes.

Reference: Project ANR- 10-BIOE-007 – Industrial Research Program BIOENERGIES 2010 supported by the competitiveness cluster Agrimip.
Coordination: Irstea Rennes and Solagro.
Partners: Irstea Montoldre, INRA Grignon, European Institute of Membranes Montpellier, ARMINES Albi and private companies Géotexia and Suez Environment.
Funding: 1 226 387 € from ANR for a total cost of about 3 817 104 €.
Project realised from December 2010 to December 2014.
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